The Horticultural Therapy Program of Rhode Island

Who is HTPRI?????


The Horticultural Therapy Program of Rhode Island is a organization committed to teach horticulture to those needing to serve community service hours ordered by a judge.  By restoring the gardens of several nonprofit agencies, the spirit of the community service worker will be revitalized by incorporating the 4 principles of horticultural therapy:  cognitive, social, physical and emotional.  Upon successful completion of the program, each graduate will have earned critical documentaiton to use as a tool for employment, our environment will be improved and our community will be safer.

 Audrey Picard attended the HT Institute in Denver, CO receiving an accredited certificate from the Colorado State University.

She is also a member of the American Horticultural Therapy Association.

This is our first CSW of the Program working at Christ the King Church Spring of 2010







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